About Me

I am Nathan Jones, Mr Bag & Tag – a professional MMA fighter, hard working athlete and a dedicated martial artist. Born and bred in London and based in Richmond, I’ve been doing martial arts for 10 years.

What got me into martial arts was, I was at a low point in my life, so an attempt to find happiness I was living my life by the YES MAN philosophy (watch/ read it) – I had a friend that went for a free trial at the gym, so I said yes. I enjoyed the session except being covered in other people’s sweat – but I kept an open mind. When asked if I wanted to join I said yes, when asked if I wanted to compete I said yes, when asked if I wanted to fight… I said when!

I used martial arts to harness my energy and focus. From being bullied at school and attacked on the street – I promised that i would not be a victim again for anybody. I became quicker, stronger and have overcome many obstacles, the main one of over coming fear (becoming a professional athlete!).

You get out what you put in. And training went from something new, to daily routine, to a way of life. It really is a new me. I actively practice visualisation and manifestation to keep myself on that frequency, nice and frequently. I travel all over the world whether it be competing, training or teaching. I love what i do… I do it every day.

I compete in MMA, kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Whether I am on the mat, ring or cage, I am not afraid to test myself. I have built myself up and developed my skills to compete with the best Europe has to offer. My fight name started off as a gimmick. When starting out I really wanted a fight name and could not wait to be given one, so I brainstormed. I was inspired by great finishes – go with the flow and get the job done, convincingly – BAG and TAG. I didn’t take the name seriously until my crowd started shouting it at one of my fights. I was flagging – and it inspired me because i knew they were calling me. It gave me the strength to to finish the fight. It is catchy so I have run with it. I put the MR in front, to show I mean business!

With 15 years experience and a masters degree in youth work – I gave up my full time job (a combination of economic climate and desire to fulfil my potential) as a family support worker to chase my dreams. 6 years on, I have no regrets and still work with young people teaching them martial arts and fitness within Richmond and with other various projects around London. I am also a Lv4 advance personal trainer with certificates in strength and conditioning, life coaching and nutrition.

Martial arts has given me confidence and has been the tool to change and improve my life. I am an ordinary man doing extra ordinary things. I am focused on making a difference and leaving a legacy. Taking it in my stride and having fun doing so.

-Over 20 professional MMA bouts

-FURY, BCMMA and WFS Welterweight champion

-BAMMA, BELLATOR and CageWarriors Veteran

-3rd Degree Kickboxing black belt

-3x WKU World champion (2017, 2018)

-5 x WKU German champion 2015, 2016, 2018)

-BJJ brown belt and Battle Grapple and Polaris veteran

-Purple – 2018 IBJJF British and IBJJF European Champion, IBJJF World Bronze (2018)

-Brown – 2019 IBJJF London Open x2 Gold, IBJJF Rome Open Gold, IBJJF European Bronze

BAMMA submission of the year

Featured in UNCAGED magazine, Martial Arts Illustrated and World of Martial Arts Magazine

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