Success Stories

“Fantastic trainer, not just for martial arts, boxing, MMA, but for fitness, strength and all forms of training. Learning from a professional athlete makes such a difference. Nathan has trained myself and my wife and always makes it fun, changes it up, challenges me and pushes me further. If you want results, he’s your man!!!”

Rory, Richmond

“Nathan is a first class coach; humble, professional and diligent in all that he does. As someone who has hit middle age with more than a few injuries and physical limitations, Nathan took the time to listen carefully and write a plan that worked for me. Always cheerful and positive, he knows how to encourage and get the best out of you, leaving you with a positive, end of session feeling knowing that you have worked hard and are improving. I would recommend Nathan as a coach to anyone, young or old, aspiring athlete or amateur enthusiast.”

James, Twickenham

“I was a tad nervous about group sessions after picking up a few injuries over the years. I was looking for a relaxed, safe and controlled environment to get back into my BJJ. I did my research and wanted someone who was friendly, of high calibre in BJJ and mixed martial arts as well as being active within the fight scene. Nathan gave me this confidence but to be honest I’ve enjoyed the sessions so much I doubt I’ll go back to group sessions. I’ll just book more 1-1’s !”

Chris, Kingston

“We were lucky enough to have Nathan Jones visit our dojo. We were all instantly engaged with what he had to say. Nathan provided us with insightful and extremely useful warmups, drills and techniques which we could start using immediately in our training. Nathan is a humble, highly professional athlete with a brilliant work ethic. A fantastic seminar. We would have him back in a heartbeat.”

Matt Jardine and Sherri Lennon - Jardin Karate

“I’ve always been a fan of combat sports, and wanted to add to my exercise routine and make working out more fun and focused. Using exercise to learn a new skill meant it was easier to keep going. I wanted to pick up striking and grappling, but as an adult I was quite daunted by starting as a complete beginner, so 1 to 1 sessions with Nathan was great. Nathan has an incredible enthusiasm for MMA, for personal development and general fitness. Nathan’s love for all things martial arts related is infectious, I always loved training with Nathan, his sessions were vital in helping me maintain a strong level of mental health, as well as physical health. Nathan taught me that being physically active can be incredibly rewarding, and fun at the same time.”

Joe, Richmond

“I have worked with Nathan in many roles, from the start of his martial arts journey as one of my students, to coaching Cage side and working with WKU Team England. Nathan is a positive, inspirational man and that comes across in his teaching. I Have taught many instructors and coaches over the years and I can honestly say Nathan is one of the most attentive, well balanced coaches I have had the pleasure to work with. I feel proud to have him as one of my black belts and to be able to call him a friend.”

Wez Lucas, The Fight Sanctuary

“I am a regular gym user but, I wanted to add an extra challenge and I’ve always enjoyed watching others compete in martial arts, so why not! Great work ethic, professionalism and encouragement. Nathan is approachable, friendly, skilled, experienced and he treats everybody as equals. All the things you need from a great coach.”

El, Eailing

“I have been lucky enough to train with many pro fighters from all forms of the sport but none are as good or as fun as Nathan Jones. Nathan is a trainer who works you hard but makes it enjoyable and varied, be it on the pads or just fitness I always look forward to my sessions with Mr Bag and Tag, a true gentleman of the sport.”

Chris, Aldershot

“Nathan Jones is a rare world class Martial Artist that teaches as well as he competes. His energy and enthusiasm for improving all students is unparalleled. Nathan layers his seminar content to suit all levels, and every time he teaches we get numerous requests for more!”

Trent Scanlen, Elevate Martial Arts and Strength

“Nathan has taught three BJJ seminars at our club over the last 18months. He is a fantastic instructor and our club members are always asking when he is coming back to teach again.”

Michael Arthur - Imperial College Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu Club

“Nathan Jones aka Mr bag and tag we at the Academy of Hard Knocks have use his services for last few years and he is one of the best in the business teaching the very young on our Jr’s sessions but also teaching our youth of today for a better tomorrow an outstanding role model, champion and ambassador for the world of MMA. His work is excellent and would recommend his services to anyone.”

Sam Rowe, Academy of Hard Knocks

“Seminars with Nathan are the absolute dream from both a gym owners and a students perspective. Informative and engaging, but most importantly fun and very knowledgeable. If we could have him weekly we would! Everyone is always excited for the next event and we completely understand why!”

Alice Glasspool, Next Generation Martial Arts

“Nathan is a great teacher, athlete and friend. A Very well rounded fighter with a wealth of knowledge in the grappling game, most people can learn a lot from him and it was great having him over for a seminar at our gym. We hope to have him over more often when possible. OSS!”

Mike Uka, AOS Art of Submission, Malaysia

“Our school has had Nathan in to run Kung Fu sessions for a number of years. The students have really enjoyed these sessions which have enabled them to have lots of fun and learn a new skill. Alongside this, the company were highly professional and flexible in terms of carrying out the sessions. I would recommend them to anyone looking to run sessions for groups of students.”

Emma Crisp, Grey Court School

“I met Nathan on a training holiday in Phuket Thailand, I quickly became friends with Nathan and got a really present vibe when talking etc. We trained for a week or so sharing story’s and ideas. I invited Nathan to my academy to share some of his experience & he can for a 3 day seminar. I found Nathan extremely professional as-well as knowledgeable being a pro MMA fighter with kickboxing attributes and IBJJF world jiu jitsu medals is really hard to come by. His attention to detail and class practice is very good and all participants levelled up over the weekend. I look forward to having him back again in the future & would highly recommend for any gyms looking to level up in striking bjj or MMA.”

Patrick Sheridan, Satori BJJ, Dublin

“Prior to my sessions with In the Bag I was reasonably fit and tried to exercise regularly, but I wanted to have a higher level of fitness. However, I often struggled to maintain a consistent exercise routine and stay motivated. I didn’t have any reservations about the sessions as Nathan took the time to discuss my fitness goals and objectives with me, and gave me a clear outline of what the trainings would involve. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions. Nathan’s method of teaching means that I am constantly challenged and I love the variety of exercises included, such as cardio, weights and striking with the pads. I leave feeling stronger, highly motivated to improve my level of fitness and to come back to train again. The best thing I got from the first session is that I realised my old exercise routines weren’t pushing me enough and that my fitness level had plateaued. The session took me out of my comfort zone, I worked really hard, and felt so much better for it!”

Sam, Brentford

“Nathan is very well versed in both the striking and grappling arts and his accolades show. He shares great details and simplifies them when he coaches so it’s easy to learn and digest the techniques and sequences. Whether you’re training as a hobbyist or competitively as a fighter, Nathan’s definitely someone you’d want to go to!”

Garie Tang, IMPACT MMA, Singapore

“Nathan Jones is an incredible Martial Artist who we had the pleasure to host at the ZR Team Basque Country gym for a seminar. His knowledge and work ethic made the seminar look easy. Everybody who attended the seminar was so happy that we have booked another one for September. We are looking forward to have him with us again!”

Wito Gallastegi, ZR BJJ Basque Country, Spain

“I’d been boxing for a little while, mainly for fun, but I really wanted to step it up and train for a fight. I was looking for someone who could really help me develop my boxing skills and build my confidence for sparring and fights. Sessions with Nathan are always fun and always different. He has so much knowledge from all the different fighting styles he has competed in, I sometimes have trouble remembering everything he shows me! I really like that we are always learning new things. Nathan has a great style which means he never makes me feel stupid for not being able to do things the first time (or even the 50th time) he shows me! He is really patient and encouraging, and it pays off. My boxing has improved massively during the time I’ve been training with Nathan. And he’s so supportive in learning new things that I’ve also just recently started to try some kickboxing with him! Training with Nathan has really built my confidence in my boxing, and that’s pretty key when it comes to fights!”

Kirsty, Richmond

“I needed to find a training partner that not only got me fit but also gave me confidence, and Nathan has done that. Having seen me do workouts with Nathan, my two young children have shown an interest in training with Nathan too, which is testament to his ability to create a fun, positive environment. The best thing I get from training with Nathan is confidence. His patient, enthusiastic approach drives you to learn and improve. Training with Nathan is the perfect stress buster. You can forget about work problems and just enjoy getting fit and learning new skills. Right from the start, Nathan talked to me as an equal, even though I was a complete boxing novice. Nathan will do anything he can to make you feel welcome and help you achieve your training goals. I don’t have a lot of spare time and need my training to be focused and results oriented. That is why I train with Nathan.”

Anonymous, Shene

“I started working with Nathan in 2014. We trained together previously and I wanted to take full advantage of having somebody with the skills Nathan has so I decided to book some sessions in with him and really propel my training in the right direction. Nathan helped me with my combat skills, fitness and fight preparations. This was all leading up to an MMA fight at the end of the year, which by using the skills Nathan helped me with I was able to win by submission. The sessions I had with Nathan made all the difference and would recommend to anybody regardless of skill level.”

Ben, Bermondsey

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