The Next 6 Weeks

I'm reaching out to all those that are safe at home but not doing their usual. During this time, are you worried about putting on weight or losing muscle tone. Are you Bored with extra time on your hands. Do you want to get in routine. And Maintain or even increase...

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Who Inspires You?

I often get asked who do I look up to as a fighter? There are so many great fighters out there, that it is hard to choose from. When I think of it, I look up to Mohammed Ali. In a nutshell I am moved by him voicing his views on the Vietnam War. America in the 1960′s...

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7 mistakes that cause clients problems

7 most common mistakes that cause clients problems are: 1. One of the most common mistakes I come across are when clients train for a quick fix, or try to take shortcuts in their training. For example, New Year's resolutions or crash dieting to get ready for summer....

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5 Things to do for Every Workout

The 5 things you should do for every workout are: 1.Drink water. You should stay hydrated, not just throughout your session but thoughout the day too. Aim for 2 litres 2.Warm up. It is important to evelate your heat rate and mobile to allow your muscles reduce risk of...

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The hardest thing

Home workouts, new diet plan, new training method. Whatever your exercise or challenge, starting is the hardest thing. A good analogy that I use is; its like the 1st gear in a car. The lowest gear, is the slowest gear and is also the one that uses the most energy. As...

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Stop Moping

Just because the current situation has changed. It doesn't mean that our attitude toward training has to. Let's be proactive and grateful for what we do have. Do you still have time? Still have space? Do you have a plan? If so, Then you can still get it in the bag!...

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