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Interview with Nathan

It’s a contact sport – is there contact?

Yes Mixed Marital Arts is a contact sport. Whilst the components that are present in MMA are contact based – the sessions adopt a non-contact stance.  There is an element of partner work for situational drills. Sessions are conducted in a safe environment with emphasis placed on techniques, theory, fitness, core work and conditioning.

Do you teach young people how to fight?

No. ‘In the Bag’ teaches a young person how to defend themselves and build their confidence. We use the sport of MMA to engage and facilitate learning and development, as well as encouraging young people to push their boundaries and keep them in the ‘stretch zone’. ‘In the Bag’ can deliver follow up/ more advanced sessions or sign post young people after the session if they wish to progress their skills further. ‘In the Bag’ discourages the use of the syllabus outside of the learning environment.

Do you need previous experience?

No, absolute beginners are welcomed. All instruction will be relative to the group / individual’s experience and ability; and no person will be required to perform movements beyond their intrinsic capabilities.  ‘In the Bag’ can deliver sessions to beginners, and also cater sessions for professional athletes, young people and adults alike. Sessions can be geared towards fitness, weight loss, stress relief, have fun or to learn something new.

What equipment do I need?

You do not need to bring anything other than your P.E kit / change of clothes and some water. Gloves and pads are provided. However, you are more than welcome to bring and use your own. Sessions utilise a lot of body weight exercise so avoid training on an empty stomach. If you are committed to your learning then you may consider investing in a pair of hand wraps, skipping rope and gum shield.

What do the sessions cover?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is predominately made up of (but not exclusively) boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is a great way to get fit, keep fit, and to get fitter and stronger, as well as to practice self-defence and learn something new. What the sessions cover can vary as they can include one or more of the components listed above and we are happy to tailor one off sessions or longer programmes to suit your group/ individual and your aims and objectives. No energetic instruction will be given without pupils undergoing a ‘warm-up’ session and after an energetic session completing a ‘cool-down’ session. The sessions are well structured and teach means tested techniques with a variety of exercises, drills and workouts.

What are the sessions like?

Our sessions are challenging, involving and educational, regardless of your experience and ability. We design all of our programmes to ensure that a safe and supportive environment is maintained throughout. We aim to enable individuals to explore the dynamics and interaction of working in teams as well as by themselves. Delivery is clear, concise, fast paced and intense – keeping you engaged and maximising learning. Sessions are empowering and also great for self-esteem building, conflict resolution, anger management and educating on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

What is your experience/ background?

I have been training all disciplines in MMA since 2010 and actively compete in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in which I have black belt and a purple belt in each respectively. I compete in MMA to a professional standard and had over 10 professional MMA and K-1 fights. Subsequently I am the Warrior Fight Series, FURY MMA and BCMMA welterweight champion and have competed on National and European shows such as UCMMA and BAMMA.

Are you insured and qualified?

Yes ‘In the Bag’ is covered by public liability insurance. All instructors have cleared DBS and valid First Aid certificate.


Do you have experience with challenging behaviour?

I am a qualified youth worker and have experience working with challenging behaviour both in a universal and targeted setting. Sessions are fun and delivered with a no nonsense approach, this is to avoid injury. Instructions are clear and the session will only progress when they are followed – warnings will be given if necessary. ‘In the Bag’ retains the right to remove or refuse anyone from the session, who persistently disrupts the tuition, practice unsafely, uses offensive language or other anti-social behaviour.

Do you have an initial consultation with clients?

Yes, this can be over the telephone or face to face. We will discuss your aims and objectives of the session/s. We will discuss ability and medical history, and if applicable diet also. Subsequently we will set goals and if you want, a ‘taster’ or fitness test. There is no charge for consultation.

How will I know I have improved?

There will be a lot of tell signs that you have improved. We will set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed). These are clear goals that are regularly reviewed and reset. You will also be able recognise improvement through performance in fitness tests and in reflective conversations throughout the session. Remember you will be kept in the stretch zone – this is where you will progress, so get used to the feeling.

What is your cancellation policy?

All policies are on the website, under the policies section. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

How much are sessions?

The price will vary as to how long the sessions are, how many sessions you book and how many people are in your session – as you may need additional instructor. If you are interested in working with ‘In the Bag’ then please do get in contact and I would be happy to tailor a package to your needs.