Why is it always easier to talk ourselves out of things? Especially when it comes to our fitness workouts! I am guilty of this myself. When the going gets tough, we find excuses and seem to take the easier option.. then 3 months down the line we are dealing with an issue which is a result of all easy excuses accumulated. Such as: ‘Oh, I am tired’, ‘I don’t enough time’, ‘I will train harder tomorrow’, or just a simple honest excuse… ‘I can’t be bothered today’.

Here are a list of 7 tips that I have implemented into my own training that has help keep me on track.

* Talk to yourself – either before or during your session. Encourage yourself, get psyched up or dare yourself. You could even give yourself consequences if you don’t, whatever you respond to.

* Schedule it – put it in your diary. Give yourself enough time for the workout and some cushion time for before and after.

* Set the scene – once its in your diary you can plan your day around your training. It will be easier to be rested, fed etc ready for a session. The more organised you are, the easier this is.

* Arrange with a friend, or book a session with a PT. You are a lot less likely to cancel if your have accountability and/ or company.

* Keep track of your sessions – by recording your progress, you will have more motivation to keep up the good work.

* Give yourself options. Life happens, things change, but if you are tired, what else can you do, if you are out of the area, where else can you go? Be adaptable and keep up your routine.

* And congratulate yourself. Making progress is not easy, so reflect and give yourself a pat on the back. The more you recognise your hard work, the more you will want to continue, and not let it be for nothing.