Fighting. A blood sport. Why do we do it? Some people start young, others have changed their path. Some fighters are talented and gifted, and others have worked and sacrificed for their cause. But when I take a moment to think about why fight? Its not clear cut with a one word answer. Combat sports, martial arts and self defence systems, as distinct as they are, are intertwined and overlaped with each other at many junctures, increasing its scope but masking the individual reasons why somebody may choose one over the other.

Nonetheless, we all have a why? The urge to get up and do; the true meaning behind our actions. This blog is not about getting you in to fighting? Or what do you like about martial arts? Or why do you still train in it? I’m talking about the other infinite possibilities of all the different things we could be doing in the world. But yet, to chose martial arts is something.

It takes a certain person, to like and watch combat sports, as its not for everyone. Similarly it takes a certain person for the next stage also – to regulary train and practice.This then follows on and the progression from here, would be to compete in it. The further down we go, the fewer people participate. This is apparent with almost every sport, trade and industry.

So in term of qualties needed to be involved in fighting, you do not have to necessarily be violent. It is important to note that I do not like fighting. Yes I am a professional fighter, but you won’t ever catch me fighting out and about and I will also step back from confrontation. I fight because I like to compete.

Being a fighter in the main is a grind. Over trained and under paid, constantly dieting with bumps and bruises along the way. The pressure to perform and win whislt risking your health is a lot to handle (so only do if you enjoy it), but that is testament to how much people do enjoy it. The emotions of fear, joy and excitement all jumbled up together is just like an exhilarating rollorcoater

I get on the mat, ring or cage because I like competing. With sport, we all want to win and become the best. A full contact sport is one way to test the resolve. I mean the stakes are high and the risks are real. For me this is an complete form of challenge. Not just to win, but to stay safe. Being able to defend yourself is a life skill. I’m talking about stopping someone trying to attack, threaten, steal, abduct you etc. Those are extreme examples. We learn to fight to not become victims. It is tought to children so they develop confidence and resilience.

Martial arts as a self defence system is useful and practical. We hope we don’t ever find ourselves in threatening situations and have to use it. Nonetheless they are so many forms and styles that it can cater for all. So there is something for everyone. That’s why I see MMA as ultimate, in the sense that all forms of fighting (within the ruleset) can be used. So with MMA you have quite a lot more to think about as its all the martial arts attacks and counters that you have to be aware of.

Therefore with so many options and possibilities, fighters are training. From my own experience I will be doing striking, grappling, conditioning and fight specific training to get better. We train to improve and learn. Martial Arts encourages you to fulfil one’s potential and follow your path to enlightenment.

It is this sense of a journey and an urge to reach my goal that drives me to keep going. I mean whilst growing up I’ve tried and given up a lot of activities. But I have stuck and continued with martial arts the sense of belonging has really gripped me. It doesn’t matter how much you train, or fight. How long you have or how often. We all reap the health benefits of training for example strength, fitness, body composition. This can serve a motivation enough. So keep going.