No equipment. About 15 mins.

I like to shadow box.

It does not matter on length, rest and total number of rounds. As long as you are getting about 15 minutes activity. For example, 5 x 3 mins, 8 x 2 mins. I like to theme the rounds.

So my first round, I will take my time feel the rotation of my hip, feel body weight distribution. To feel my guard and stance in between movement and techniques. Then I like to layer it up with some power techniques to synchronise my breathing and thought pattern.

The next round I will do 3, 4 and 5 hit combinations, progressing through the round. I like to keep these techniques snappy (bap, bap, bap). Then move your feet, move your head, reset your guard and/ or cut the angle and counter.

I also like to have a chameleon round. Where every 30-45 seconds I change my style. I could change stance, fight long range, be aggressive and work the body. I could use my angles and or be counter attacking. This is necessary as it may happen in a fight or competition, where you will have to adapt to win.

I also dedicate a round or two to focusing on a particular technique. For example, I could start combinations with a double jab, or I could finish comboniations with a rear round kick. I then progress this and blend in variations of the same technique, becoming fluid in transition.

You may have other themes for your rounds such as, working defences, speed round, power round. It is a good way to warm up and cool down. And also forms part of my workout.

Practice lead-leg chamber. Solo workout, no equipment. 15 mins.

Once you are warm, stand in your stance with guard up. Chamber your lead leg as high and close to your chest, and with full extension as slow as possible for control and effectiveness.

Set 1. Side kick 10 times and round kick 10 times. Once complete, change stance. 10 times of each kick on the other leg. Again, once complete, change stance.

Set 2. I will repeat exercise but this time, deliver technique to the head. Doing in both stances to train both side equally.

Set 3. This time, I will double the technique up with one low and one high. It is ok to rest after each double – but chamber, throw first technique, back to chamber and throw second technique, back to chamber, then down.

Set 4. This set will have me doing the kicks together, one after the other. Eg side kick then round kick, or round kick then kick side kick.

Set 5. I will then do a final set explosive of each kick on each leg.

By the end of workout, I would have done 100 kicks on each leg kick. When it comes to repeating workout, I can swap in and out other kick such axe kick and hook kick etc.