The 5 things you should do for every workout are:

1.Drink water. You should stay hydrated, not just throughout your session but thoughout the day too. Aim for 2 litres

2.Warm up. It is important to evelate your heat rate and mobile to allow your muscles reduce risk of injury, keep our range of motion and be strong. It is also important to cool down as well.

3.Set your intention. Be clear on what you want to achieve from your workout before you start. This allows for you to train with full focus.

4. Work hard. This is a must as goals aren’t going to achieve themselves. The correct efforts and mindset goes a long way.

5. Acknowledge achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back, progress is not easy, and a small improvement is a win.

These things that apply whatever the workout is. Whether it is striking, grappling and or fitness. What else can you think of ?