Just because the current situation has changed. It doesn’t mean that our attitude toward training has to. Let’s be proactive and grateful for what we do have. Do you still have time? Still have space? Do you have a plan? If so, Then you can still get it in the bag!

Now is the time to make do with what we have, or have access to. What can you do instead? You may have to be creative! For example, if you don’t have an exercise mat, use a towel. No weights? How about some resistance bands or body weight variations? IMPOSSIBLE is really I’M POSSIBLE.

With that being said, when we return to normality, lets be grateful and don’t take for granted what we do have. Try to be on time, don’t miss workouts, don’t skip the warm ups. Appreciate your training partners, gym equipment and coaches etc. because as we are experiencing, life is certainly better with them.